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Problematic Internet Use in Terms of the Purposes of Internet Use, Irrational Beliefs, Feelings of Inferiority, and Gender

Bircan Ergun-Basak, Merve Aydin

(Addicta 2019; 6: 471-496) DOI: 10.15805/addicta.2019.6.3.0017

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The Mediating Role of General Procrastination Behaviors in the Relationship between Self-Control and Social Media Addiction in University Students*

Halil Ekşi, Tuğba Turgut, Erdem Sevim

(Addicta 2019; 6: 717-745) DOI: 10.15805/addicta.2019.6.3.0069

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Investigating Drug-Using University Students’ Existential Problems*

Mustafa Kemal Yöntem

(Addicta 2019; 6: 25-50) DOI: 10.15805/addicta.2019.6.1.0037

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