ADDICTA: The Turkish Journal on Addictions
  1. Societal studies against struggling with addictions
  • Risk factors for potential drug interactions in general population
  • Driving and alcohol
  • Addressing alcohol and young people
  • Alcohol products’ labeling and awareness
  • The effect of alcohol consumption on family and society
  • Tobacco products’ labelling and awareness
  • The effect of tobacco use on environment,
  • Addressing tobacco use and young people/youth
  • Ethical issues between substance and behavioral addictions
  • Historical aspects of gambling
  • Relationships between gambling addiction, gaming addiction and sex addiction
  • Youth and gaming addiction
  • The types of gambling
  • Animal models of gambling behaviors
  • Case presentations and case studies (gaming/gambling)
  • The modeling of the social distribution of the substance (drug, alcohol, tobacco) use in Turkey in terms of gender, age, geographical region in particular, time and other variables.
ISSN 2148-7286 EISSN 2149-1305