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Investigating Factors Related to Criminal Behavior in Adolescents With Substance Use


Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Kocaeli University School of Medicine, Kocaeli, Türkiye

Addicta 2023; 10: 95-100
DOI: 10.5152/ADDICTA.2023.23037
Read: 994 Downloads: 682 Published: 08 August 2023

There is a strong relation between substance use and criminal behavior. In this study, we aimed to identify the factors that predict the relationship between these two concepts. A total of 197 patients who were admitted to the Child and Adolescent Treatment Center between 2018 and 2019 were included in the study. Cases were divided into two groups based on their criminal behaviors. A model was set up to evaluate factors that affect criminal behavior and this model was analyzed by using the logistic regression method. The following factors increased criminal behavior: male gender 29.2 times (odds ratio = 29.249), self-harm behavior 3.2 times (odds ratio = 3.291), criminal history in family 3.1 times (odds ratio = 3.137), spending more than a month outside of the home without family supervision 6.5 times (odds ratio = 6.549), not attending school 20 times (odds ratio = 0.054), and ecstasy use 8.2 times (odds ratio = 8.273). This study identifies several risk factors associated with the criminal behaviors of substance-abusing adolescents. This study can contribute to prevention and rehabilitation studies in the field.

Cite this article as: Kardaş, Ö., & Kardaş, B. (2023). Investigating factors related to criminal behavior in adolescents with substance use. Addicta: The Turkish Journal on Addictions, 10(2), 95-100.

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