ADDICTA: The Turkish Journal on Addictions
Evidence-based epidemiological studies for substance use and behavioral addiction
  • Prevalence of substance use/abuse among older adults
  • Prevalence of substance use/abuse among youths
  • Synthetic cannabinoids and prevalence of use
  • The importance and difficulties of collecting drug data (use, mortality / morbidity rates, etc.)
  • Prescription drug abuse epidemiology
  • Cannabis use and prevalence
  • Investigation of the frequency and distribution of cannabis use
  • Development of local / regional / national maps containing mortality and morbidity rates related to drug use
  • Development of systems to monitor the abuse and excessive use of medicinal products and data analysis of the frequency of use
  • Prevalence of new psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of qualitative / quantitative data types and qualitative / quantitative data collection methods for the prevalence of drug use in different countries, and developing national drug use prevalence model
  • Precursors (drug)
  • Prevalence of harmful use of alcohol among adults and youth
  • Substance use/abuse and gendered violence
  • Global and national alcohol consumption rates and usage trends
  • Measuring the frequency and distribution of e-cigarette use.
  • Global and national tobacco consumption rates / usage trend
  • Development of local / regional / national addiction risk maps 
  • Developing qualitative / quantitative study models for addiction research in vulnerable groups (older adults, immigrants, etc.)
  • Epidemiology of gambling disorder
ISSN 2148-7286 EISSN 2149-1305