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Effectiveness of Mass E-Mailing on Preventing Substance and Behavioral Addictions and Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle


Department of Psychology, Social Sciences University of Ankara Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ankara, Türkiye

Addicta 2024; 11: 31-35
DOI: 10.5152/ADDICTA.2024.23065
Read: 377 Downloads: 205 Published: 18 March 2024

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate whether through mass e-mailing, the participants’ perceived level of addictions would decrease and their healthy lifestyle behaviors would increase. It is a screening study. The study was carried out by 6488 participants at the Social Sciences University of Ankara. A four-question questionnaire was used to collect data. All in all, 73.3% of the participants opened the e-mail (n = 4760), and .27% of those who opened the e-mail participated in the survey (n = 13). Forty-six percent of respondents answered the survey on the day the e-mail was first sent (n = 6). A total of 61.5% of the respondents (n = 8) read the first e-mail sent 4 months ago and 53.8% of respondents (n = 7) report that this study was helpful in making behavioral changes. Also, 92.3% of the respondents (n = 12) found the brochure content useful and raised awareness about preventing addiction and promoting a healthy lifestyle. While demonstrating cost-effectiveness, mass e-mailing fails to provide substantive insights into perceived awareness regarding combating addiction and fostering healthy behaviors, owing to its low response rate.

Cite this article as: Caydı, S., & Batmaz, S. (2024). Effectiveness of mass e-mailing on preventing substance and behavioral addictions and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Addicta: The Turkish Journal on Addictions, 11(1), 31-35.

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