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Comparison of the Psychological Symptoms and Variables Related to Marriage in the Wives of Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics and Factors Predicting Marital Adjustment*


Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters, Ankara University, Sıhhiye, Ankara 06100 Turkey


Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education, Anadolu University, Eskişehir Turkey

Addicta 2019; 6: 747-775
DOI: 10.15805/addicta.2019.6.3.0038
Read: 20 Downloads: 17 Published: 01 October 2019

The aim of this study is two-fold. It first seeks to compare marital adjustment, co-dependency, marital power, depression, anxiety, and stress in wives of both alcoholics and non-alcoholics. Subsequently, the study endeavors to determine those variables that predict marital adjustment of women in both groups. This study was conducted with a total of 100 women, of which 50 were wives of alcoholics and the remaining 50 were wives of non-alcoholics (i.e., the comparison group). Data for the study were collected using the Demographic Information Form, Marital Adjustment Test, Codependency Assessment Tool, DepressionAnxiety-Stress Scale, and Couple Power Scale. Hypotheses were tested using an independent samples t-test and two separate regression analyses for both groups. The findings showed there to be significant differences in all the main variables between the two groups. Participants in the group consisting of wives of alcoholics were less marital adjusted and had higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress compared to those in the comparison group. Furthermore, wives of alcoholics tended to be more co-dependent and had a lower selfperception of marital power than did those in the comparison group. The regression analyses indicated that in both groups, marital adjustment was predicted only by marital power processes. In light of the study’s results, it would be beneficial to include spouses in addiction treatment. 

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